AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes, recently conducted a unique shirtless meeting, which garnered quite a bit of attention and humor on social media 2023

AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes

AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes recently made headlines when he shared an unusual picture on social media. In the photo, he can be seen sitting shirtless in a chair while receiving a massage during a virtual meeting. This post on LinkedIn, a professional networking platform, stirred up a mix of reactions from internet users.

Fernandes took a moment in his post to express his admiration for both Indonesia’s culture and the unique culture of AirAsia. According to him, these cultures seem to allow for combining a relaxing massage with a serious management meeting. However, the unconventional approach didn’t sit well with everyone and generated criticism from some netizens who found it rather unsettling.

On October 16, Fernandes shared the post, where he mentioned, “It was a stressful week, and Veranita Yosephine suggested a massage. I’ve come to admire the culture of Indonesia and AirAsia, where I can have a massage and conduct a management meeting at the same time. We are making significant progress, and I have now finalized the Capital A structure. Exciting days lie ahead. I’m proud of what we have built and have never lost sight of our goals.

The post itself gained considerable attention, garnering 703 responses, 96 comments, and 42 reposts up to that point. Many people used the comments section of the post to express their views, and some of them found the post to be “inappropriate” or even labeled it as “lunatic material.”

One user expressed their perspective by saying, “You could have wrapped up the meeting and then had your massage. I don’t think this seems appropriate in a civilized culture.” Essentially, they suggested that a more conventional order of events, concluding the meeting before indulging in a massage, would have been more suitable.

Another user raised concerns about the potential discomfort and safety of female employees within the company in this context. They pointed out that as the boss, Fernandes’s female employees might feel reluctant to challenge or voice their discomfort. The comment advised Fernandes to take into account the feedback, suggesting that this approach isn’t the best way to foster a supportive and safe workplace culture. They acknowledged his leadership qualities and commitment to nurturing a positive culture but emphasized the need for a more appropriate approach.

In simpler terms, what Tony Fernandes did, in essence, was to post a picture of himself getting a massage during a work meeting. He mentioned that it had been a tough week, and the idea for the massage came from someone named Veranita Yosephine. In his post, he seemed to be highlighting the culture of both Indonesia and AirAsia, where such a combination of work and relaxation is considered acceptable.

However, this post stirred up a lot of reactions on the internet. Some people thought that it was not the right way to conduct a business meeting and found it inappropriate. They suggested that it would have been better to finish the meeting first and then enjoy a massage. One person also expressed concerns about how female employees might feel uncomfortable in such a situation and urged Fernandes to pay attention to their feedback for the sake of creating a supportive and safe work environment.

In a nutshell, the post generated a lot of attention, with some people applauding the unconventional approach and others criticizing it for not aligning with typical professional conduct. It raises questions about the boundaries between work and relaxation in the business world and how they are perceived by different individuals.

In conclusion, the social media post by AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes, which featured him receiving a massage during a virtual meeting, has sparked a wide range of reactions. While Fernandes celebrated the unique cultures of Indonesia and AirAsia that permit such a combination of work and relaxation, many internet users found this approach inappropriate or concerning.

Some believed that a more conventional order of conducting the meeting before indulging in a massage would have been more appropriate. Additionally, concerns were raised about the comfort and safety of female employees in such a scenario, given the potential power dynamics in play.

The incident highlights a broader conversation about professional conduct, workplace culture, and the boundaries between work and personal relaxation. What might be acceptable or innovative to some can be perceived as unprofessional or uncomfortable by others. As the leader of the company, Tony Fernandes’s actions carry significant weight in shaping the workplace culture, and it is essential to consider the feedback and concerns raised by employees and the public to ensure a supportive and inclusive work environment. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of balancing innovation with sensitivity to the expectations and comfort of employees and stakeholders in today’s diverse and dynamic business landscape.

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